Bedside Lighting Ideas
July 22, 2019

Bedside Lighting Ideas

What is a bedroom without a bed?

And what is a bed without a bedside table?

The bedside table performs many useful functions, from storing the bits and pieces we need when we can’t be bothered getting up to supporting the all important bedside light.

There are so many ways to create bedside light. Lets look at some inspiring options.




1. Beside table lamp: 


The humble lamp has been around for ages. You can find lamps in all kinds of styles from very classic and formal to quirky and fun. There is less of a commitment with a lamp placed on a table. You can easily replace it with something else and it can easily be removed for a style change. But it does compete with lots of different items for the prime real estate that is the bedside table.

You can add some natural materials to your room, this one at FREEDOM is beautiful.


One twist on the table lamp, is to have a floor lamp instead, this can be a very versatile layer to the lighting details in the bedroom.




2. Hanging pendant: 


Very stylish and unique the hanging pendant can be made from glass or metal, it can big, small, high-hanging or low-hanging. However, a valuable quality of the hanging pendant is that its just out of the way.

I love the way the light and fixture combine to create a floating effect. In some cases installation might require a visit from the electrician even though there are now plug-in options available too.

But in any case for the hanging pendant to work you should know your mind because it might stay for a long time. This is another stunning option from Freedom.




3. Wall fixtures: 


Like the hanging pendant wall fixtures require commitment (and definitely an electrician) but I love the idea of a light fixture attached to the back wall and thus completely out of the way. This one is quite classy from




Types and functions of lights:


The bedside light is more than just a style accessory. It creates both a mood in the room and has a very practical use. So take into account what do you like to do when you get in bed before you fall asleep.


1. Reading light: 


If you are someone who likes to read before sleeping this is what you need. This type of light minimises glare and can be adjustable with a dimmer switch.

These light options are pretty impressive, combining the reading light with an Ambient wall fixture at



2. Ambient light: 


This type of light gives a subtle illumination without creating glare. Ambient lights create an atmosphere while providing just the right amount of light in a room.




3. Accent light:


If you choose to make a statement with some key ornamental pieces on your bedside, you will need some accent lighting to direct the light towards these ornaments. This kind of light adds depth and character. 




Last of all your bedside lighting should work with the overall lighting in your room and add layers that create a multi-faceted experience.