August 06, 2019



How much thought do you give to the wall behind your bed?

This is the focal wall of the bedroom and in most cases is completely ignored. To me, this is the fun bit. The bedroom is your space and you can easily spruce it up to the way you want with your treasures. There are heaps that can be done, and here is some inspiration for you.


  1. Wall Panelling:

This is an all-time favourite and so versatile. This feature adds instant character to the room and creates a layered effect behind the bed. You can go traditional and classic and or play with it along with other elements.

wall panneling behind bed

wall pannelling behind bed



  1. Gallery Wall:

Incorporate your own style with your favourite prints and other objects to create one of a kind feature in your bedroom. This adds intrigue and makes the eye go from point to point to another for exploration.


  1. Prints:

A single print, a couple or even more prints in your favourite kind of frame will look stunning. There is so many print shop online with all kind of price points. Find your style, have it printed and hang it up.


  1. Wall Paper:

Instant makeover at a larger scale with outstanding, oversized colours and design, or an understated texture in a neutral tone. You can find your style in the wallpaper quite easily.



  1. Tapestry:

Hang your favourite tapestry behind the bed. It can be anything from an expensive, hand-loomed carpet to a pretty fabric from the fabric store.



  1. Wall shelf:

A simple wall shelf would be something different that can be decorated with books, unique objects etc. You can change it as often as you like.



  1. Mirrors:

If you love mirrors, this is for you, go large scale one big one or several small interesting ones. Mirrors always create a play with light and space.



  1. Plants :

Add some indoor plants behind and beside your bedhead for cleaner air and easier breathing. Any spot in the house with some plants bring freshness and inspiration to space.