Creating the Spring vibe

October 23, 2020

madagascar rainforest print quilt cover set

Beautiful weather has finally arrived. Now is the perfect time for a bedroom makeover! Creating a spring vibe in your sanctuary doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Its easy! Pick a few of the options below to transform your bedroom!


New Bedding Sets

Don't Be Afraid to Break Out the Prints - that’s an easy way to change the mood and bring in sunshine and mother nature into the bedroom.

The Spring Edit

Basic accent colors:

Introduce fresh light accents into your bedroom with lighter colored rugs and wall paper.


Wall Prints:

Bring in the spring - summer wall hangings. These can be prints, original art or other wall hanging options. One beautiful way to decorate your walls for the new season is to exhibit your scarfs on a bamboo ladder, your beautiful jewellery collection on display and your summer / spring hats on the walls.


Time for a Fresh Coat of Paint

You are spoilt for choice when it comes paints! Each of the leading paint companies have released their own range of shades. Have a look at the amazing earthy colors from Dulux this season.


Add a Fresh Flower Arrangement

A fresh flower arrangement never gets old! There are spectacular options available in dried flower arrangements. Consider artificial plants and flowers for a longer-lasting option.


Break Out Some Fresh Bed Sheets

Did you know that fitted sheets experience more wear and tear and need to changed more often than flat sheets? This is the perfect time of year to to spring clean the linen cupboard and bring in some fresh Linen and Cotton fabrics for breathability. 


Rearrange the Furniture

Refresh your bedroom by shuffling around the furniture. Moving the location of your bed creates new energy and a fresh look in an otherwise tired part of your home.


Add fresh spring scents with candles and essential oils

Want to lift the mood or bring about a sense of calm in your bedroom? Find a new favourite scent! Scented candles and essential oils can instantly change the mood and ambience of your bedroom.


Replace those boring Pillows and Cushions

I’ve saved my best tip for last! Don’t under-estimate the transforming effect that new pillows and cushions can bring to your sanctuary. Replace those tired and muted winter hues with fresh and vibrant colors! Your wallet will thank you later.


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