How to create the cosiest bedroom ever

July 30, 2019

How to create the cosiest bedroom ever

Survive cold wintry nights (and days) by creating inviting bedroom spaces that warm up your heart. A warm, cosy and comfortable bedroom is the perfect place for the whole family to relax and unwind. We have several suggestions on how to create that perfect bedroom experience:
1.     Tons of pillows:
To raise the cosiness factor of your bedroom, add heaps of mismatched cushions with a range of textures, prints, designs, and shapes. Make sure that you keep within your bedroom color scheme. 

2.     Throws and blankets:
Create layers on your bed with more than one throw. The various textures will transform your bed both in a visual and a tactile sense. Go for velvets, mink and chunky knitted goodness.


3.     Warm earthy-toned furniture.
The warm wooden tones of your bedroom furniture and flooring will instantly make your bedroom feel more inviting. You can go contemporary or heritage in your style of furniture, and will be able to find great bedroom pieces. I love this modern looking one from Freedom and this traditional looking one from Early Settler.

4.     Wall colour:
If you live in a colder climate, choosing a warmer tone of paint for the wall might be the way to go as it will help your bedroom to not look stark and cold. It looks comfortable and inviting.

5.     Accent wall:
The wall behind the bed can have a transformative effect on the overall bedroom. Changing the color will bring drama to the bedroom and make other features stand out. This stunning addition to the bedroom has created a stand out feature for the room.

6.     Wallpaper:
Choose a wallpaper with a bold design and rich tones for a stunning effect. Wallpapers are available in lots of different textures and designs. You can go baroque or minimalist with just the right choice of wallpaper design. This stunning design with oversized flowers is one of my favourites. Here is a similar option.

7.     Rattan:
Rattan is quite a beautiful natural material that brings warmth to any decor. Products made with Rattan include lamps, pendant lights, chairs, and tables. Several Rattan pieces are available in the market, I am listing my top 3:

1. Ikea Cabinet

2. The Family Love Tree Bedheads

3. This stunner Lamp from KMART

8.     Rug it up:
A cosy bedroom is not complete without a stunning rug piece. The right rug will bring texture, add additional layers and create depth – all essential to the perfect bedroom experience. Rugs are quite essential to anchor all the pieces in the room and bring cohesiveness. This one from The Rug Lady is another favourite.

9.     Bring the outside in:
Did someone say indoor plants? Plants are an instant game-changer. If you are afraid that you won’t be able to look after them then you can always go for artificial options. You can great options from Kmart to IKEA.

10. Touch of gold:
Opt for gold accessories, frames and fixtures for a warming effect. This room is everything.

11. Pendant lights and lamps:
Use pendant lights for the bedside option or even as the main chandelier. The pools of light will make your room inviting. Instant Cosinessfactor.

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