How to Freshen Up your Mattress in 30 Mins
July 15, 2019

How to Freshen Up your Mattress in 30 Mins

Have you ever lusted over that luxurious hotel bed with crisp sheets and fresh floral  perfumes? Well, with a minimum amount of effort you can transform your bedroom into a  sanctuary of calmness and tranquillity.


Ready the surroundings


             1.     Remove the bed sheets, pillow covers, quilt cover, off your bed for thewash

2.     Wipe down the side tables, lamps, and the bed frame

3.     Vacuum the upholstered parts of the bed

4.     Now that the mattress is stripped down, you can flip it or rotate it to ensure it is used evenly - this can be done as often as you like - three months is a good window


Absolute odor-buster


1.     Sprinkle a big cup of baking soda evenly over the mattress, alternatively you can spray twenty drops of your choice of essential oil like bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass, orange etc. which are best for eliminating odors

2.     Give the baking soda half an hour, or longer if you can, then vacuum the powder


How to DIY your own linen spray


Its easy to make your own ‘aroma wash’ for use when ironing clothing or linen or as a spritz for the bed, bed linen and couches. All you need is:


(1)   vinegar – 1 cup,

(2) boiled and cooled water – 1 cup,

(3) essential oils – 20 drops,


put all of them in a spray bottle, give it a shake now lightly spray your mattress all over. Allow to dry before putting on the sheets.


Go a step further


You can also freshen up your quilt and pillows before putting on fresh bedding. One easy way is to put the pillows and the quilt out in the sun for half an hour. That will take care of the musty smell. Then use your linen spray on the bed linen and allow to dry before putting on the new quilt cover and pillow cases


Sleeping on a cloud


Put some fresh flowers on your side table, now this is a bed I would look forward to sleeping at night. Fresh and calming – once you take these steps you won’t look back. Here’s a useful tip - have an extra set of sheets and quilt cover set handy so you don’t have to wait for your sheets to dry all day long.